Avalon Art Studios

Morgan Britt

Morgan Britt is a ceramic artist involved in the arts for over 20 years. She has studied with renowned artists nationwide and is actively involved in the ceramics community from both a teaching and learning perspective. Her sculpture has been featured in several galleries and she currently houses an on site gallery/showroom adjacent to the studio.

Morgan Britt is the coordinator for the creation and installation of your custom design. She will take a two dimensional rendering and transform it into living art. Her knowledge of the medium and expertise will incorporate the theme established in your initial interview into a durable, functional artwork, unique to you. She networks with numerous craftsmen to add accent or expertise when appropriate. Under her direction, your custom designed piece is transformed from imagination into reality.

See Morgan's Bio.

Don Leek

Don Leek, owner of Water Feature Consulting, has been designing and installing custom water features in both commercial and residential settings for over 30 years. His work includes many local landmark fountains, including the multi-fountain-installation at the Cellular one building on Howe Ave. and the penguin pools and waterfalls at the Hyatt Regency in Maui. His beautiful zen-like fully landscaped water features are present in many area homes. Reaching back to past experience with clay and firing, Don has co-partnered with Morgan to coordinated their joint expertise into a cohesive partnership with clay, cement and water. With Don's many years of experience, your installation will professionally installed and suited to the unusual requirements of 3-dimensional tile.